Alexander D. Chun

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Alex Chun Offical website - 01.11.2016

May 27, 2018 Celebration in Alex's honor at Oberlin College Reunion

2018 Living Angels: Circle of Love for Alex Chun is published. For ordering information please contact:

Alexander D. Chun Compassion Award, Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Miami, Florida.

The award is designed to recognize surgical residents who displayed the compassion that Alex epitomized in his patient interactions. The first award was given on June 18, 2016 to Dr. JusharBarot.

Alexander D. Chun '08 Memorial Scholarship in Neuroscience at Oberlin College

The Alexander D. Chun memorial scholarship in neuroscience has been established at Oberlin College, with preference given to a minority student majoring in neuroscience.


…Despite his success in the scientific and medical arenas, Alex often said that the thing he did best was to play the flute. On this website, you will find clips of Alex playing on days off from his job, whether at a holiday gathering with friends one year in North Carolina or at open mikes with hospital colleagues in South Florida. Still dressed in hospital scrubs after work, he can be seen improvising with passionate conviction…

Essays and Creative Writing

Alex was a fine and perceptive writer who drew on insights from literature, the arts, and sciences. This are few of his greatest essays and creative writings.


Collection piece of work performing his music as a gifted flutist and music collaborations with friends.

Tributes to Alex D. Chun

A tribute book where you can add a message, story, poem or even a speech to honor and celebrate Alex's loving, generous nature.


Photo album.